About Us

A Great idea had emerged in the mind of promoters that after having achieved a high name and fame for pet products in India and also having developed a high manufacturing capability, while a genuine and sincere exercise is made towards launching company’s product in the world market where sky is the limit of expansion, such was the level of confidence in the mind of promoters that in no time we converted the idea into the reality by launching an export company by the name of S.P.P. Pet Export Industries Private Limited. Had we not taken this initiative we would have been downgraded by none other than ourselves. Such was the level of confidence that we had built over six decades of operations in Indian market and encompassing to large product range covering Clothing, Bedding, Food , Grooming segment and more so a large per portions of items are company’s own manufacturing. So much is the field of operation that we can today claim ourselves to being among the top 10’s. This company is a brand of wisdom, energy and it is this on the basis of which we plan to climb our types of terrain. We have on the one hand a vast infrastructure comprising of a number of premises with our own plant and machinery. We are developing acreage of our other own areas with value addition products especially in Pet Food segment. Through our this website we are not simply approaching you for business we are also approaching your sight inspection and for a general team on style of our functioning. The present website is just our brief introduction lest we make you overwhelmingly our strongest link.