Brush Double Sided Comb

Product Code : #Dog Brush Double Sided Comb for Dogs and Cats, Lar

Category : Pets Utensils,Pets Grooming

  • Material Wood, Plastic, Meta
  • Hair Type All
  • Item Weight 100 Gram
  • Shape Oval
  • :The perfect brush to get all nasty mats out of your pet's fur; the pets company double sided brush for dogs and cats gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt; works great for dogs and cats of all sizes and hair types!
  • :The bristle brush side helps knock off loose hair or dirt and the pin brush side helps with finishing and combing to give a healthy shiny coat; it also controls hair shedding
  • :Your pet will not only look good but feel great too! Our brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pets coat soft and shiny; your pet will love being brushed!
  • :Ergonomic wooden handle is comfortable for holding
  • :Made of high quality wood having stainless steel pins coated with plastic crowns so as to minimise any potential scratch on your pets body